Strategic technology planning

A strong strategic plan can help maximize your technology investments. By evaluating major initiatives and goals in light of current resources, community resources and investment alternatives, we can help develop a roadmap ensuring the best prioritization of limited investments and how to articulate the plan to gain community support.

Process efficiency improvements

Improving current processes provides a solid foundation for cost savings. However this is often difficult to achieve. People by nature tend to be resistant to change. By providing a flexible approach based on proven efficiency improvement methodologies we can help increase efficiencies, lower cost and most importantly improve team moral. We work to ensure cross training and process documentation is completed to strengthen teams.

Citizen Engagement

When citizens are engaged in local government initiatives, they can contribute to the decision process and prioritization resulting in increased responsiveness. Technology is a driving force providing an unprecedented level of access. However, there are challenges in implementing good sustainable citizen engagement practices. We work with you to develop, review and implement citizen engagement practices to support your goals.

Bridging Shared Services

Many local governments are looking to Shared Services to lower costs and realign staff to their core missions. By helping to evaluate the shared services, changes to key processes and technology solutions, we can help bring everything together ensuring the objectives are clearly documented, articulated and achieved.